10 Ultimate Beauty Tips For Winter

10 Ultimate Beauty Tips For Winter

Our skin always needs a little more care and attention during the colder months, flakiness and redness begs for our love and finding time to maintain our every drying skin is the bane of our lives. But alas, with a few changes in our lives and a few focused actions, we will all look great this Winter.

#1. Hydrate yourself girl, ditch the caffeine.

Whilst gathering around hot chocolates, a good cuppa and obviously coffee is all good and dandy, your body is thinking the complete opposite. The more caffeinated a drink is the more damage it will do to your body in the winter, because every part of you needs hydration and unfortunately caffeine just won’t cut it. Find an energising herbal tea, my favourite always come from Marks & Spencer ranges or the loved Twinings.

So swap your Espressos for decaf herbal teas, and hot chocolates for good old plain water.

#2. Let’s talk skin to skin, review your winter body lotions.

Now you’re gonna need a thicker lotion than normal for winter in order to lock in moisture, look for one with natural oils and less chemical traces. I tend to go for either Honey or Coconut Oil when looking for moisturises, albeit the one exception, my gorgeous smelling Victoria’s Secret lotion which I only use on special occasions. My favourite moisturiser is most definitely the Garnier Ultimate Blends Restoring Lotion with Honey, but I have also tried the Coconut Oil and Delicate Oat – they have rich, creamy textures but don’t feel heavy on the skin, dries up quite quickly and smells like heaven. Another one of my favourite moisturises that I can recommend 100% is the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant, it contains cocoa butter which helps bring out your natural glow.

If your skin needs the ultimate reboost then consider a body butter or body oil, I would normally wear these if I’m vegging at home all day or if I’m not wearing makeup. They will make you feel sticky but it will be worth it. I’ve added my favourite ones down below for you guys, all under £10 because you will need to clean the tub out by the time winter is finished!


Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Lotion + Victoria Secret Temptation Fragranced Lotion

#3. Get naked and shower.

You know the feeling of jumping into a steamy hot shower? How great it feels? Yeah well it may be causing your skin to be drier. Turns out when we decide to have a steam-a-thon in the shower, you are actually causing the hot water to soak through the skin’s lipid layer, a complex pool of fatty acids that maintain our moisture. Turn the heat down when you’re nearing the end of the shower or just simply cut your shower short!

Another shower tip is switching your shower gel for a richer shower cream or lotion, it makes a busy girl like me have better skin as I can’t always ensure to moisturise.

#4. Oil up in the bath.

This is my personal favourite thing to do during the winter and I honestly can’t live without it. Run a bath, pop a bath bomb in there with a little pinch of bath salts, light some candles and then grab some body oil. Just squirt it in and relax. For maximum winter recovery, tie up your hair with coconut oil or argan oil, wrap it in cling film and then wrap a towel as the outer layer. You can thank me later, going to bed after this is going to feel amazingly calm.

#5. No foam.

Try using more natural non-foaming and non-soapy cleanser to take off your makeup at night and in the morning, as mentioned above, soap removes our natural moisture meaning we will have to work twice as hard if we want to glow and not flake. My favourite right now is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to use before or after using my Biore Charcoal Facial Cleanser (which is the best thing ever!). I’ve also put a more options down below for you babes.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

#6. Trimming your ends, making ends meet!

When you see your hair is becoming a little lifeless, take a pair of small manicure scissors and cut your ends with a lot of care. Don’t overcut obviously, just take small snips every here and there where you see a split end. At the end, choose your favourite deep conditioning hair mask, tie your hair up and sleep with it on.

#7. Don’t forget hands, feet and lips.

Purchase rich creams for targeted areas, your average moisturiser will still work but these areas are your roughest parts that you use more than anything else! I will list my favourite targeted creams down below, but if you’re looking for completely natural diy solutions – coconut oil and socks for your feet overnight, and a nice homemade sugar scrub with a thick vaseline or lip balm will do your lips!

#8. The Holy Sunscreen Rule.

Just because the sun isn’t out doesn’t mean you won’t receive sun damage ok? Now this is the UK and we never see the sun anyway but sunscreen is still essential on a day to day basis, whether it’s in the form of your BB cream with SPF or your moisturisers. Make sure it’s in there!


Frank Body Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

#9. Have you scrubbed lately?!

Once a week at least, take some time to properly get rid of your old skin cells and give that skin of yours a good old scrub. I usually use my exfoliating gloves first then get in there deep with a good body scrub, I love picking out body scrubs that have natural properties rather than chemicals. Right now I’m using Frank Body Coffee & Coconut Oil and it smells like starbucks inside!

#10. Choose your masks.

Every now and again, your face will need a pick me up. I swear by a good face mask, for me personally, I can tell when it’s time to unclog my skin completely and start again. There are so many different face masks in the beauty market, but my personal favourites for winter are mostly targeted for freeing up pores or hydrating. I recently purchased the Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed and I swear by this product – it a self heating mask that basically grabs everything bad and just pulls it from your skin. I also always find some rad masks in TKMAXX for less than £5, I found the masks pictured below in their beauty section and it’s so adorable!


Shop the products mentioned

What are your winter beauty tips? Let me know below!


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