2018: It was alright. Wouldn’t recommend to a friend.

I know you read the title and sighed, how many 2018 reviews have you read at this point? I’m betting a lot. At the risk of sounding very generic right now, the start of 2019 was a cathartic release of stress and pent up emotions. And I mean that in the best way. There’s a lot of things I kept ~hidden~, which actually not so much hidden rather than just brushed aside, and now I feel like typing this all out truly puts a close on an epically laborious year.

2018 was l o n g; as only some of you know I didn’t go to UNI. Used to dream about it, then I grew up, discovered that higher education wasn’t what it hyped up to be. So instead, for the last 3 years, I have been constantly hustling my ass off to study and work simultaneously. I started at the bottom with an apprenticeship in Social Media & Digital Marketing, then continued up the ‘ladder’, excuse the use of that grown-up ‘profesh‘ word, and this year I finally took the last step – my degree which I finished at the end of November.

I mean, anyone you speak to says that working full-time and independently studying is a killer, but boy lemme tell you how right they were. Blogging was a passion that fell flat once I started juggling all the other plates. While my brain was swimming with ideas, collaborations and blog posts you guys would have loved – time was the one thing I didn’t get enough of.

“Same dreams, fresh starts”.

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Putting a pause on the negativity in the first chunk of writing, 2018 was also the year that I attended the most concerts, reliving my teenage angst amidst a crowd of people who idolise the band the same as I do. I spent too much time laughing at nothing with the people closest to me, learning to live a little more and worry a little less.

It was the year that I grew closer to my family, learning endurance and healthy selfishness. I watched my 7 year relationship blossom and evolve just as we were evolving as people. I visited my grandmother in Valencia, travelled to Amsterdam with my favourite people and explored beaches, cliffs, favourite cafes, found delight in the sunshine.

& there’s still something quite bizarre about the ‘New Year’ mentality. Purging all of our bad habits and behaviours, replacing them with fresh goals and bigger dreams. So here’s some stuff I want to achieve in 2019:

  • Travel to inspiring places, focusing on what the culture can give me rather than the attractions.
  • Work hard at my dreams, pulling them closer everyday.
  • Encourage positivity and peacefulness for all those surrounding me. Give better advice, and tell them to chase happiness at full speed.
  • Learn to say ‘no’ more often.
  • Let go and enjoy the moment. Forget the small stuff, like tidying, as things always manage to sort themselves out.

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