7 ways to relax after a long day at work!


Working is a bore, and working full-time is suicide, if you let it get to you!
You need that cash-moneys gurl, so you need to work but that doesn’t mean you need to be super stressed over it – these are 7 ways in which you can unwind after a long day at work!
♡ (If you’re sat on a computer all day, this one’s for you) Do something active, get up and go walk around, maybe even walk back from your work leisurely. It doesn’t have to be exercise, for me most days this includes making dinner or lunch for the next while dancing to jams in the kitchen. Sitting down all day is hard so your back and muscles need to be rested and also used at the same time, so getting active is (for me, at least) the best way to unwind. 
♡ Naps – who seriously doesn’t like taking naps.. I don’t mean get back at 5 and nap until 9 kinda nap, I mean a 20 min – 40 min power nap. This will rest your eyes and your muscles, and not to mention your brain! My family is super big on napping, and we encourage if you have a big day to catch a small nap to refresh yourself. 
♡ Check your social media accounts, look for inspo, do a lil’ posting, get in touch with buddies – even better do this while having a nice relaxing bath with a bath bomb. There’s nothing that a good bath can’t cure, it will relax muscles and help clear your mind, put on a facemask and make a pamper night-in for one!
♡ Have a cuddle – be it with your dog, other half, your parent, your best friend or your fav plushie. Just asking and receiving a hug can lighten up any mood – having a hug that lasts 10 secs is scientifically proven to lighten your mood and release some stress.
♡ Grab some chamomile or a soothing tea to calm yourself down when you get home from work, grab a mag and read some lush gossip or tips! I’ve always used chamomile to calm myself down before bed or after a long day as it helps me slow down enough to gather my thoughts together, so give it a try. 
♡ YOGA! Help your mind and body unwind by doing some yoga poses, you don’t have to be a pro at this, just stretch before and take it as sloowwwwwww as you need to. Don’t get upset if you can’t reach a pose, just do it as best as you can. Stretching your muscles will feel super good after a long day and relax your mind. 
♡ Have a pampering night in – eat what you feel like and don’t be upset over it, dress in pyjamas and watch chick-flicks. Don’t stress over one day you’re skipping your diet, your mental health is more important than anything so take care of your mind. Open a face mask and chill with popcorn or pizza!
Please take my advise and remember to have time for yourself, in my family mental stability and health comes over anything so we take care of ourselves the best that we can to avoid stress, and so should you, stress can take a toll on you so remember to take a step back and think about your beautiful self! 
Angelyque xox

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