A Loveletter To All Blazers Out There

A Loveletter To All Blazers Out There

Since I could crawl, I’ve had a strong liking towards Blazers. Always stealing Mum’s shoulder-padded red blazer with gold details as I dreamed of one day turning into a seasoned, professional woman who worked at Vogue and spent her entire day in heels and over sized blazers. Obviously I don’t work at Vogue and unfortunately, I cannot spend longer than half hour in heels but that’s beside the point.

My heart seemed to skip a beat when I stumbled across this Checkered Blazer from NA-KD. This wardrobe staple features a gathered waist, a defined lapel neckline and black buttons to obviously match the rest of my black wardrobe. I know you are already screaming at me, considering the never-seen-before heatwave we’ve been experiencing and how adding an extra layer of clothing is hardly something you want to do, but blazers are fundamental when elevating your looks.

Underneath my new blazer obsession, I’m also styling a ripped, light-wash, high-waisted Denim Skirt also from NA-KD. This is a piece that I will undoubtedly reach for throughout the summer – let’s be honest, there’s nothing simpler than grabbing a skirt, t-shirt and sandals after waking up late to coffee catch-ups.

Taking inspiration from Parisian style icons, I quickly grabbed this Darlin’ T-shirt in white to bring my whole outfit together. I always find that light-coloured denim suits white best. And then evidently, I had to find a White manor house to take generic ‘blogger’ photographs in front of because are you even a blogger if you don’t do this? 

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