Hey Girl!

I’m Angelyque Letelier, but people call me Liky (leek-eh, I’m latina which explains the long name!). I’m the girl behind the blog and I just turned 21, which I’m still getting to terms with!

My favourite things in life are pretty simple; potatoes, nice shoes, lipsticks, dogs, netflix and so many other things. I’m pretty positive and happy, but I have a degree in sarcasm and I get grumpy sometimes. And I’m starting to feel like this is a column for lonely hearts.

┬áNow let me tell you a little bit about my blog – alittlechillibean was started in college in 2011/2012 and the name came about from my boyfriend, Zeke, who came up with it one day because I am small, I am from Chile and I’m a little bean. I take inspiration from many other amazing bloggers, magazines and mainly subjects that I feel would be interesting to read!

Right now, in my life I am juggling a full-time job as a Digital Marketer in a jewellery store, a part-time Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprenticeship and trying to balance gym and sociala life. SOOOOOO bare with me while I try to juggle everything.

I hope this doesn’t read like word vomit and makes sense to you all. I’m always so open to talking to new people and meeting new friends, so don’t ever hesitate to get in contact with me!

Angelyque x

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