Why I Chose Apprenticeships Over Uni

Why I Chose Apprenticeships Over Uni

At the bittersweet age of 16-18, we are faced with a life changing decision – do we choose Uni life? Or do we just work sh**ty jobs hoping that life will sort itself out? As a strong believer in honesty, I’m going to tell you my story and the amount of times I tried being someone who wasn’t me, a studious life wasn’t the one I wanted – I just didn’t know it yet!

When I was growing up I was constantly told that I HAD to go to Uni, to make a name for myself so I chose my college subjects based on the job at the end and how much I could be paid. Basically I was devoted to Law, but Law hated me. And even though I picked two subjects I was passionate about (Sociology and Literature) it was the Law that started depressing me, I now realise that I wasted so much time trying to be good at something that wasn’t cut out for me.

I would see all my other college mates with binders full of revision guides, cards, and posters while I just walked around with one sheet full of revision, because frankly, I just didn’t care how I did any more. But alas, I realised just how bad this was for me when I got my ironic E at the end of exams (by the way, I decided to resit my exams after I failed the first round. Stubborn, I know).

So obviously hating myself at this point I chose to work in a Hot Pork Roll Sandwich shop, I spent every day picking pork meat from underneath my fingernails and hair. It was disgusting. I was disgustingly unhappy. My boss was even worse – I was underappreciated and overworked. So I quit, and researched into Apprenticeships.


Within one week, I had applied, gone for my interview, got a placement and I started work on the following Monday. I specialised in Social Media and Digital Market with a local Academy in Worcester, 3AAA. In one month, I had helped build the quaint little Jewellery shop I worked at into a brand that could be recognised on Social Media, I taught myself to code and restyled their website, I hosted different events and took over all of their online shopping channels. Not to mention the amazing opportunities of working with Free Radio Worcestershire for events and meeting world-known Jewellery Designers like Fei Liu!

Being on my Apprenticeship has enabled me to work full-time and get my shit done, I can’t tell you how nice it feels to be constantly busy working on yourself, for yourself. One year down the line, and I finished my Level 3, currently working towards my Level 4 with the same academy and in the same jewellery company that built up my confidence.

If you were to ask me, this was my best choice. One I will never regret. Sometimes you have to completely throw yourself in and hope for the best.


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