First Impressions With L’oreal Infallible Nudist Lip Paints

First Impressions With L’oreal Infallible Nudist Lip Paints

Being a self-proclaimed makeup addict means having 23,794 shades of that ‘nude’ lip product that you can’t live without, but obviously no one knows the struggle of finding this particular treasure – like the three hours you spent in Boots trying to colour match that your skin tone to a nude lip, that you also have a VERY similar lip shade waiting for you just at home, and to top it off just when you think you have got that nude lip DOWN, you try it on again to find that it’s either super light for your skin tone or it’s too dark.

Finding the right shade for your favourite nude lip is the bane of my life, but I finally believe that I have picked up something worthwhile and perfect for every look. Plus it’s only £6.99!



The L’oreal Infallible Nudist Lip Paints are made to embrace your natural tones and pick your perfect nude, which apparently lasts 8 hours with ‘no flaking, no caking and no drying out’ as they claim on their website. I picked up the shade Dead Lips, which sounds right up my street as I love makeup with weird names, and it is the perfect shade for my skin colour. A little lighter than my foundation (7W Golden Amber) but enough to make an impact on the days where I want to look polished and nice but also can’t be bothered to fully apply makeup.

The texture is a little confusing I must say as you expect it to eventually dry up and become a liquid lipstick but it does not, instead it leaves you with a very moisturising feeling at all times. I find it a very similar texture to NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.  It is a very smooth and creamy, it honestly applies so beautifully. I normally apply two coats as my shade is fairly light, but I would 100% recommend wearing it to work for a full day!

As for longevity, it does last a fair while considering the colour was still showing after I stuffed a burger in the passenger seat of my boyfriend’s car and was also there when I ate pasta just last week. So it’s good to go, trust me.




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