Free Apps You Should Be Using As A Blogger

Free Apps You Should Be Using As A Blogger

I’m just gonna come out and say it, being a blogger is hard work. Whether you are a full-time blogger or you are juggling a 9-5 job while trying to hit internet fame, any type of magic that will shave down the amount of time we spend posting the same picture across all our platforms is a gift.

The bane of my life is reaching for my laptop, then the charger, then the mouse, then the earphones, get my drift? So being a phone-first gal I have scoured and tested EVERYTHING to bring you my list of blogger friendly apps that you will be able to use on the go:


Being a blogger and working full-time in the digital marketing industry has taught me that scheduling your content even when you are away helps you connect with your followers, it makes you look responsible, dedicated and consistent. For the business I work for, I handle more than 5 accounts across a whole variety of platforms which means that I benefit from paying a subscription that would allow me more access – but as a blogger I happen to work just fine with the free accounts provided.

The best tip I can give you is to try these apps out for yourself and use whichever works best for you, as Planoly and UNUM only handle Instagram but Buffer and Hootsuite can post to Facebook and Twitter, and when used on a laptop even Google+. I am a very visual person, as you can all probably tell from my Instagram feed, so using Planoly and UNUM to plan ahead for filler images such as my ‘inspiration’ posts or even an unexpected photo I want to post that doesn’t fit in is my secret weapon, as one my pet peeves is having a photo that sticks out like a sore thumb because it doesn’t hit your feed guidelines!

Social Media Scheduling Apps for every blogger and businessSocial Media Scheduling Apps for every blogger and business - HootsuiteSocial Media Scheduling Apps for every blogger and business - UNUM



Some people hate editing photos, some love it. I adore it. I love taking a picture which I may not be too chuffed with and turning into a brighter snap. I use so many different apps for a variety of reasons, and some may call me picky but a few adjustments here and there, and you will see such a difference in both quality and style of taking pictures. So to start off, I am a big fan of Snapseed and their ‘Selective’ tool which allows you to pinpoint an area of your picture and adjust it (brightness, contrast, etc) without affecting the rest of the picture – I mostly use this on sunny days where there are shadows on my pictures or on rainy days to pump up the saturation and contrast. Another tool I use mostly to achieve my white background is Facetune 2 ‘Whiten’ and the B&W feature, they are both my saviours.

Filters are a different subject however, I am not a fan of a strong filter, I will always always always select a filter and then turn it down to about half way so there is a hint of a filter. My favourite filters come from A Colour Story, VSCO and Instagram.

Free Apps You Should Be Using As A Blogger & A BusinessSnapseed - free apps every blogger and business should be using. Facetune Screenshot - Free Apps You Should Be Using As A Blogger & A Business



As much as we love publishing content, we do still need to know if it is being received correctly. Google Analytics is my best friend, and I do think that it is an app that is overlooked by other bloggers. Google Analytics gives you a clear view of how many people come to your blog and where from, and if explored correctly you can find out so much about your fans that it should make writing your posts easier as you know who you’re writing for – get me?

Another unsung hero is bitly and their analytics, how often do you shorten your links to be more user-friendly but never check how much traffic has actually gone through that link? This handy app will give you insights

For Instagram followers, I use the Followers+ app that allows me to keep the amount of unrequited follows down and also see analytics on individual posts I have made, but the most important thing on this app is the ‘followers lost’ count

Analytics - Free Apps You Should Be Using As A Blogger & A BusinessAnalytics - Free Apps You Should Be Using As A Blogger & A Business - BitlyAnalytics - Free Apps You Should Be Using As A Blogger & A Business - Followers +




As much as I preach about being organised, I am the messiest thinker ever and I always have 100 projects going on at the same time. Forgetting things and tasks has become such a norm for me that people normally expect it from me, but I made a promise to try to be more organised. These apps have honestly made it a little easier to be able to keep things on track!

Todoist has been a staple in my work life and private life, as you can download it on your laptop and iphone meaning all your tasks are synced and it is so easy to check them off and create new ones – Swipes is a similar app. Lastly, for very important dates (which means food shopping, payday and bills, bills, bills) I use my Google Calendar.

Organise - Free Apps You Should Be Using As A Blogger & A Business - TodoistOrganise - Free Apps You Should Be Using As A Blogger & A Business - SwipesOrganise - Free Apps You Should Be Using As A Blogger & A Business












What are your favourite blogging apps? Let me know below!


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