Great nail colours for autumn!

Great nail colours for autumn!

I’m bringing some serious #nailinspo over your way with this post – the weather might get grim but that doesn’t mean you can stop slayin’ your outfits with some killer claws. Fashion trends tend to go down the chillier path during A/W seasons, always going to the other end of the colour palette, meaning the ‘darker, warmer shades’ so keeping that in mind, these are my favourite autumn/winter nail colours!

As you can see, I lean towards the colder neutrals during this chilly season, mostly sticking to darks. I’ve picked out a staple shiny black because everyone needs one of these to bump up an outfit from day to night, this colour is versatile and not too expensive, and Sally Hansen is known to have top-quality nail polishes, so once it’s on, it’s on!

A dark blood red will make your enemies run and hide, you will look fierce with this Essie polish, trust me. Blood reds are always a must in winter/autumn because they go with literally everything. A grey is an essential for everyday wear or workwear, not too light and not too dark, a perfect shade, my advise is to work with whichever grey you feel you suit most so try a few around! However, the New Look makeup line is a little hit-and-miss but the few products that I have bought (including this nail polish) I’ve loved!

For Mondays, obviously wear blue! This vibrant regal blue will polish off any look, and it counts as your pop of colour if wearing black or neutrals! And to welcome adventures in cold forests or even looking at winter photography on tumblr and getting inspired, take it down a warm winter green like this Barry M colour, it will be perfect to pair up with some brown boots, tights and cute dress with an oversized cardi – you’ll feel so cosy and warm!

Let’s talk nudes – you obviously need nudes in your life, I LOVE this Matte Barry M polish, it goes on smoothly and stay on forever, plus it gives you that effortless but expensive (so don’t touch) look. A pink is a must for Wednesdays, so this ZOYA Piper shade will be perfect for the colder months, due to its warmer nature – nudes nails are super in right now, you’ll see them everywhere as it’s such an easy colour to both wear and style!

Now, let’s get down to business – your bright reds. You’ll need to take these down for winter, as considering you’ll be a bit paler during these seasons, pick a vibrant shiny red. It will warm up your skin colour and come on, no one wants to be washed out! Just imagine wearing a black turtleneck, skinny black jeans, your favourite heeled booties or oxfords, with an oversized tailored coat and red nails to match your favourite red lipstick.. a match made in heaven!

Angelyque xox

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