After a long wait for my review on these two beauties, it’s finally here!

I do apologise for it taking so long but I’ve been super super busy as of late and I haven’t had time to pay a great deal of attention to my blog or social media or anything to be honest – but it’s okay bunnies, I’m back and hopefully for good! ( ♡ᴗ♡ ) 

This new-found store can be found on etsy –here– I actually found this bra first on tumblr, then I did some sleuthing and featured it on my first every FASHION FINDS SUNDAY! I loved it at first sight as everything is delicately hand-made, I then fell further in love when I emailed the owner and asked about sizing, receiving a fast reply from her as she explained everything I needed to know in a really sweet manner!

My lovely sugar-daddy (my boyf) bought me the black lacy bra for Christmas, however, due to a problem with materials it was delivered after Christmas but that was okay as I was told I’d receive something from their new line to makeup for the delay and whatnot – but never did I think that she would send me another bra for free!

Now in respects to my opinions towards the bras, I did vow to be honest in this blog – I personally did have to go over some parts with a needle and thread to provide a little more support as it did look super delicate, which now as I’m writing this realise that obvi it’s going to be delicate because of the material! Personally, I didn’t buy these bras so that they could provide day-to-day wear but more of a chilled back wear, something that wouldn’t feel like I was wearing anything but still look super pretty – and it my books it does just that, the silk bra is less supportive than the lace but I love them both dearly as they can be worn alone and look pretty while you lounge around or they can be worn underneath a shirt for a casual day!

I would give this store a 9/10 because although the products are dear, you get what you pay for – they are delicate, pretty and girly. The service is great and the communication between seller and buyer is great!

Match me and buy your lacy bra –here– or your silky bra –here– (the seller is offering free delivery too if you spend over £40 so grab while you can!)


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