Monthly Beauty Picks

Monthly Beauty Picks

Depending on how I feel about life, I will pick different products. For example, if it’s sunny I’m more likely to be rocking a tan and next to no makeup, whereas if it’s cold then you will find me cradling my go-to autumn eyeshadows for a strong smokey eye.

#1 Loving Tan in Ultra Dark

This month I’m going to start with my all time FAVOURITE fake tan, I’ve been using it for about 7 months and have no complaints so far, it just leaves an amazing tan and lasts about a week for me. There’s honestly nothing I don’t love about this tan, it has a slightly fruity smell so you can wear it through the day without feeling sickly!


#2 MAC Eyeshadows in Burgundy Times 9

I recently got these eyeshadows online and finally lost my MAC eyeshadow virginity. It is honestly the best thing to have happened to me because I’m not big on eyeshadow, only eyeliner and lashes, but since this, I have been converted.

#3 Tanya Burr Varnish in New Chapter

Now, I’m weird. There’s only about five nail polishes that I actually get on with and this one is pretty high on my list. I’m obsessing over matte nails, and this is the perfect blend of nude but sophisticated.


#4 Rituals Intense Moisture Serum

Some time ago, I went to an outlet mall and found a Rituals store that smelt amazinggggg. I’ve never heard of Rituals before but I’m so glad that I went in, I was struggling with dry skin pretty much all over my face, specially under my eyes and eyebrows. So I ventured inside and asked the assistant for help, she suggested that a serum to use under moisturiser and before bedtime would be nice, as I have quite oily skin. This product was literally a lifesaver, I’m honestly so confident in my skin now that it is hydrated – all thanks to the Blue Ginger extract and the Hyaluronic Acid!

Anyway, what products have you been loving this month? Let me know!

Angelyque x


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