My Christmas In Squares

My Christmas In Squares

And then suddenly, Christmas was here and it flew past. Now we’re left with new memories, a buttload of wrapping paper that we didn’t get to use and enough toiletries to last us the year. When my feet finally landed after all the festivities, I managed to snap a few pictures that I would like to share with you, now because I hate those ‘look what I got for Christmas’ posts, I decided not to share my presents apart from one.

So let’s get personal, lemme share what was happening behind these pictures!

“My best friend got me my first Chanel lipstick, and even though it has been a dream to own anything Chanel, it was just a lovely gesture that she would think of me. She even picked out my favourite colour, a dark berry lipstick.”

“I hadn’t tanned throughout the entire month of December, because that is a luxury you can’t have when you work retail and full time ahaha. So late one night, I bust out my Loving Tan Dark Mousse and boy am I glad. I forgot how good I feel with a tan, how confident in my own skin!”

“I left my ┬ábed on Tuesday to go watch Rogue One with my boyfriend, it was my second time watching it but omg, I still get that childish giggle whenever I hear the Imperial March. Did anyone else get how amazing it is how it tied in exactly with A New Hope? Comment below so we can nerd out.”

“My house finally felt festive like two days before Christmas, when my Mum has Luis Miguel playing Navidad on a loop, my step-dad looking up recipes for his Turkey and trying to hoover every nook and cranny. I forgot that this wreath was in my front room, when I saw it hanging up, colour contrasting against white, I had to take a picture because it fits right in with my instagram theme.”

“Because I worked so much during December, I left all my Christmas shopping until the last minute so there I was on Christmas Eve frantically trying to find socks for Zeke’s family as a gift, that I thought I should treat myself. I ran into New Look and found this amazing embroidered top which I wore for my Christmas Eve meal and this red jumper. It is better than life.”

Tell me how you babes spent Christmas down below

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