My favourite LUSH products.

My favourite LUSH products.
Lush Products favourites and reviews
Every girl loves LUSH, every blogger loves LUSH, basically even my boyfriend loves LUSH bathbombs, so I’ve compiled a list of products that I adore and that have worked for me in the past – because let’s be honest LUSH products can break the bank, although they are so worth it, you want to make sure they will work for you!
lush lip scrub bubblegum review
First product I’ll talk about it this pink Bubblegum Lip Scrub, priced at £5.50 most of us will think it’s a little overpriced just for a lip scrub, however it does the work for me, I apply it every night after taking my make-up off and some mornings before my make-up depending on how late I’m running to work. I bought this a few months ago and I still have not dented or touched bottom, a little amount will definitely go a long way. Applying just a touch on your lips and rubbing it in is the way I do it, and then I just lick off the rest of the remaining products as it tastes like Bubblegum with a little peppermint mixed in. Definitely give it a try!
roots hair treatment lush products review
This Roots Hair Treatment came at the right time for me, and it was god-sent. At the time, I was really struggling with hair loss, it was a really tough time for me as I was loosing so many strands with just brushing my hair. After trying lots of artificial products, I turned to LUSH and found this hair treatment, my scalp was irritated and this calmed my scalp down and helped me get on top of my hair loss. I’m still experiencing hair loss, but it has slowed down. This product smells of mint and is fairly easy to apply, just a small amount to be massaged into the scalp and the ends – it leaves your hair lovely and soft. This is my second pot and I’m still loving it!
lush breath of fresh air and shampoo reviews
These last few products are great and have proven to seriously work for me – the breath of fresh air toner is amazing, it literally cleans my face really well before bed or a shower and it smells like the sea (tastes like salt water too!). I normally spray directly onto my face and rub in with fingertips, or I use a cotton pad if I have one to hand.
As I mentioned earlier, I had a bad problem with hair loss and cut out all chemical or synthetic products. So I picked up a few hair shampoo bars – Seanik, Jason And The Argan OilLullaby were the ones that have really stuck out for me. I have purchased Seanik twice and I want to again buy Jason & Lullaby.
As far a bath bombs are concerned, I literally love them all, but I do have two favourites – Sex Bomb (and if you’re not signing Tom Jones as you read that, then you’re too young) and Big Blue. They just both smell like they sound, delicious! And to finish things off, for my birthday I was given a small box of LUSH products and this amazing in-shower moisturiser was in there – I have loved it from day one, it leaves you so soft!
Comment your favorite LUSH products below so that I can give them a try 🙂
Angelyque xox

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