New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions
Did anybody else wake up asking where 2015 went?! Because I don’t even remember getting over Halloween, and next thing I know Christmas.. I’m still getting myself over this fact but I think I’ll get over it sooner if I start looking forward to 2016 and how much I want to progress as a person!

I’m going to follow that ‘typical’ list and start with BE HEALTHIER.
This doesn’t just mean body but also mind, I want to read a lot more and learn how to get out of always saying yes to everything, which is my biggest problem at work and then I’m stumped!
I’m finishing 2015 about 10kgs lighter than when I started due to healthier eating and a more energised workout routine, so I’m making 2016 the year for me.
Burn bridges, make bridges.
I have the bad habit of cutting ties with people based on the fact we stop talking, or I just loose track of when I last spoke to them and I end up putting it off. Yes, this doesn’t make me the greatest friend but I’m working on it! So in 2016, I really want to get rid of toxic people and replace them with a few that I misjudged or left behind.
Work on me, for me.
I’m incredibly close to finishing my apprenticeship, and I have worked my big ass off to make sure I do everything in my power to stay with this wonderful business after my apprenticeship finishes. I think I have done well, a pay-rise and a full-time position promised after I finish isn’t too shabby?! But I don’t want to stay where I am, I will either push myself to find a higher apprenticeship or start at Uni. Afterall, only you can build your future.
2016 is going to be a massive year for Zeke and I, we’re planning to move in together and start on our journey, but this means a lot of fights and planning and stress!
But I do have to leave the mothership some time and start on my life.
Leave my comfort zone.
I don’t say this to everyone, but I am terrified of being alone, this includes shopping alone, going to the gym alone or even eating alone. And I often make plans when I don’t have free time just so I don’t have to be alone. But I’m planning to change this in 2016, I need to learn to be more independent and enjoy my solidarity (without having small panic attacks).
Stay in touch!
I know I’m bad at maintaining this blog, especially these past two months, but I have been so busy at work! But my new plan is to be more organized so I can stay in touch with a lot more of you bunnies.
Angelyque x.
P.S. I’m super active on Instagram so make sure you’re following me!

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