Skin care routine – my way or the high way!

Skin care routine – my way or the high way!
Everyone knows it’s just a pain at the end of the night to properly take your makeup off, when it means sacrificing time to cuddle yourself up in the warmth and comfort of your bed – butttttttt taking your makeup off in the right way will save you so much time in the future and your skin will thank you for it. So stick with me and let me show you a few hail mary’s when it comes to a skin-care routine!

I don’t have a particularly dry or oily complexion, it’s just a mixture of everything throw in together so finding the right products has never been a hard task for me. But my skin is different to yours so take this routine lightly and not religiously, and change products around to suit your skin suits 🙂
My cousin got me this Facial Cleanser Brush from No7 over Christmas and I am in LOVE with this, it just takes my makeup off in one clean sweep and never gets dirty as you can wash it out instantly! So after a long day at work, I start by running to the bathroom with my cleanser brush and a face soap – right now I am using the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap because it is gentle enough to not irritate my skin but takes my makeup off great. Every other day I follow up by using the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser which I am raving about right now, it just feels so good on a clean face, it gets all my pores open and cleansed. I normally do all this at night-time before bed or in the evening after work, but I sometimes use Biore in the mornings too to wake me up a little!
I don’t use the brush for my eye makeup however, I take this off prior to soaps with some coconut oil which I recently purchased in Superdrug for about £2, just a small tub, and I rub that in to my lash line. Obviously, you will have panda eyes so just make sure you use a little soap and warm water carefully to remove the excess. Or a toner specifically designed to take off waterproof makeup is also useful when I don’t have coconut oil at hand, the Simple ones always work best for me.
I ALWAYS make time for a little pampering, a.k.a face packs – I really do believe they help my skin stay clear of big zits and blackheads, so I normally shop in Superdrug for anything that tickles my fancy or I even pick up a few 7th Heaven face masks which are normally £1, and even though they are cheap I do find they work. I’ll collect a few names and make a blog post about my favourite ones soon!
If I am feeling a little under the weather, I use facial wipes to get my eye makeup off and then just use a simple toner over my face with a cotton pad to get rid of residue, this way I end up getting clear skin for bed time. Because let’s be honest, no one can keep up this routine for long, some days you will just want to lie in bed all day and that’s okay too, it’s all about balance.
I do try to use a facial cream as often as I can however I don’t have very dry skin so this has never been too much of a problem, but I do love the Clinique Dramatically Different Cream which I normally use after taking my makeup off and under my makeup if I feel like it. Another one of my must-have facial creams is the L’oreal Hydra Fresh, which for some reason, I seem to have the Japanese version? and I’ve never noticed ahaha! But anyway, it is super rich and extremely moisturising, it soaks up quite well and leaves your skin feeling really smooth and hydrated.
I was also a babe and found the cheapest sites to find all there products, because I know I look for bargains so I don’t see why you should believe I’m made of money and stuff, instead you can save money with me 😉
I’ll see you next time loves, Angelyque. x

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