Stubbornly Transitioning Into Autumn Fashion

Stubbornly Transitioning Into Autumn Fashion

I’m always a bit late on these posts, sat at my desk chair bitterly typing this out with my oversized jumper and fluffy socks on, reminiscing about the amazing summer we had this year. Yep, as you can tell I don’t want to embrace the cold, not yet. All those dresses I didn’t get to wear, the tanning oils I never got to use, and the sandals that won’t see the sunlight until next year ~sigh~. This is what bittersweet nostalgia feels like.

Black Chest Cut Out Top From NA-KD | Transitioning Into Autumn Fashion

Now this is the point where I address how I don’t like change to begin with, I resist, struggle and then finally give in.  I embrace it wholly and I will turn into the girl with the big coats. Which is how I felt towards my outfit for this post. I wanted to be toasty but edgy, you feel me?

& there is just something about wearing a ~slightly~ provocative piece of clothing that makes you embrace your femininity and style, especially this sultry black long-sleeve top with a twist, the cut out chest detail is just to die for. Paired with some comfortable angled skinny jeans in a worn-black, some clear perspex heels and of course, the elixir of life (coffeeeeeee).


I guess what I’m trying to say is that – I am desperately trying to hold on to summer, similar to how Luke Skywalker was trying to hold on to that platform during that epic scene, but I am seeking what Autumn has in store for us. And I’m not just talking about that Starbucks staple everyone loves, I’m talking about all the dark and moody tones in fashion. So all I’m really trying to say is that I started this post feeling one way, and ended up developing an excitement for Autumn fashion. 

Maybe the boyfriend is right. I can never make my mind up. 

Shop the outfit here:

Top: NA-KD Chest Cut Out Top / Jeans: NA-KD Slanting Hem Jeans 

Bag: New Look / Sunglasses: Prettylittlething 

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