Styling Your Summer Wardrobe X Dollie Jewellery

Styling Your Summer Wardrobe X Dollie Jewellery

Hi Babes!

Now I know the title says ‘Summer Wardrobe’ but we all know that should be corrected to ‘how to style that awkward as hell weather we’ve been having recently’, knowing how to style your wardrobe is one of my favourite tasks to do when planning outfits and now it will be yours too. I’ve teamed up with Dollie Jewellery to bring you the top tips that I personally do when picking out that bling bling.

I was always more of a understated, simple kinda39 gal until I started working at a jewellery store, where I learnt to appreciate designers, metals, etc. and now my little jewellery collection is slowly growing. I came across Dollie Jewellery earlier this month and I fell in love, they have the most perfect Festival vibe going. You can easily stack up their bracelets or necklaces to create such a fun look!

This brings me to my first point, don’t ever be afraid to stack up your jewellery.

I mean Coco Chanel always said to ‘take off an item before you leave the house’ and true true, but stacking jewellery is something not enough people do. Stacking jewellery is so in right now as it’s festival season, and it doesn’t always need to match or be the same colour, just always remember to have fun with it.

My one pointer here is to never stack ALL your jewellery, so don’t have half an arm of bracelets WITH 6 necklaces around your neck, that’s a bit much. The trick to this is to always pick one feature you want to highlight – ears, neckline, arms, chest, etc. and commit to that look.

Don’t go for value but for quality.

So working at a jewellers, this is the most frequent problem we have. Customers will always want the cheaper option unless they see it as an investment, and this is the number one mistake we all make when it comes to jewellery. Yes Primark makes decent bracelets but they don’t last you long. Buying true Silver jewellery will guarantee a longer shelf life and you will be able to enjoy it for longer, so perhaps invest in good quality jewellery but only one item at a time.

Dollie Jewellery are based in the North East, just off the Lincolnshire Coast in a cute seaside town called Cleethorpes,  so you know their products are local and perfect for summer. All of their jewellery is 925 sterling silver – which you can confirm through their little logo tags which have the Silver hallmark, it’s always handy to look out for that!

Pick your jewellery, then pick your outfit.

So say you just bought an amazing pair of Gold dangly hoops, but you think wearing a high-neck top is the way forward. No babe, remember what I said about highlighting one feature, in this case I would pair it with a cute but simple Bardot top, this will emphasize your earrings and neckline.

My top tip is honestly to just lay out your outfit on top of your bed before getting dressed and just pair it up with your jewellery – this will help you see your outfit a whole and you can make arrangements or change things.

Last but not least, never stay inside your comfort zone.

My mum always told me that I could never get piercings, tattoos, or plugs, but she always encouraged me to play with my jewellery and clothing. So I’ve lived with that advice to this day, I am always on the lookout for striking and fun ways to wear jewellery and the newest trends that will make me leave my comfort zone and I would honestly advice you babe, to do exactly the same.

Never tried hoop earrings? Go purchase cheap ones to try it out. Never layered necklaces? Go on, I dare you.

Just remember that as long as you feel like you’re killing it, that’s all that matters!

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