Tanning with CelebTan

Tanning with CelebTan

Everyone remembers their first kiss, the first makeup palette you bought yourself or even your first pair of high heels. I remember my first time using Fake Tan, and it was a disastrous affair which I vowed to never repeat. After deciding that I would try out a cheap self-tanner that I found in Superdrug for like £2 (should have known) – I rushed home to lock myself in the bathroom while I applied this horrible smelling mousse with a cheap tanning mitt that stained my hands.

At first I was like ‘Oh wow, new me who dis’ but then I was conveniently reminded that I had a trial shift for my first proper job at a Hot Pork Roll shop. Now don’t ask me how I wasn’t chucked out within the first hour – my arms were elbow-deep in water, I could see the tan LITERALLY dripping off my arms into the sink, it was coming off right before my eyes! Everything I touched turned a dark brown colour, I had lines all over my faces, arms and neck where the water had rubbed off my tan, it was awful.


Thankfully, I got the job and was able to afford a good enough tanner (shoutout to the bossman who didn’t notice). But every once in a while I let my skin breathe and embrace the ‘closet pale girl’ that I am deep inside, I know this sounds ironic because you’d think my Latina heritage would hold onto a tan for forever and ideally, I would be in the sunlight for the bare minimum and catch the Dubai-worthy tan that everyone talks about.

WRONG. The sad reality is that I cannot catch a tan to save my life, but that’s okay. I was sent this product by the lovely staff over at CelebTan and I’ve got to say, even if I had to buy it myself and try it out I would reach the same conclusion – I want to marry the person who created this tan.

CelebTan are a brand who emphasise good skin with their completely organic and kind-to-animals self tanning mouse, it does not contain alcohol, parabens and say goodbye to that horrible tanning smell. I tried out their mousse last Sunday with a velvet tanning mitt and had the best experience, CelebTan smells like coconut oil and goes on so smoothly. My boyfriend who always does my back said it was super easy for him to blend out, this is coming from a complete novice, he found that the tan caught on instantly so he could see where a little more was needed.

I was done in about 10 minutes and I got dressed 10 minutes after that to go eat my Sunday Roast. If you’re normally worried about staining clothes or bed sheets – I tanned in a white bathrobe and got into my white Sunday dress to prove a point that it does not smudge once dry (it doesn’t feel sticky either!).

As you can see above, the different when I tan is incredible, I go from Uncooked Tortilla Coloured to Brown Goddess in about ten minutes. As I write out this post a full 5 days after trying this product out and while I still maintain the same colour as shown above with only small areas which have become a little pale (like my face due to face care and chemicals), I am truly in awe of this self-tanner.

CelebTan u da best.

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