Ten Things You Learn In Your (Early) Twenties

Ten Things You Learn In Your (Early) Twenties

Okay so you’re asking yourself why a 22 year old is writing a post on life lessons, but I feel like I have grown up and matured so much since turning 18. I may actually say I am a completely different person, both mentally and spiritually. Or I just like to preach. Either way these are the things I’ve learned since being an adult.

Don’t settle for less than you’re worth.

My mum used to say that she would always treat me like a princess so I know my worth from a young age, and if someone treated me like less I would stand up for myself and fight for what I know I deserve. Best. Fucking. Advice. Ever.

In my twenties, I’m revisiting my Mum’s advise, making sure that I don’t settle for anything less than what I am happy with. Yes, that makes me sound self-entitled but when you work hard for the things in your life you want everything to be sublime. I apply this rule to my love-life, finding a partner who I can crease myself laughing with but will also lift me higher and encourage everything I do in life. I applied this to my professional career, finding a job where I am valued for my work ethic, my talents and my positivity.

 Invest In Quality Skin Care.

I was browsing Pinterest one afternoon when I stumbled upon a quote that really spoke to me, it said “invest in your skin, it is going to represent you for a very long time”. And girl, I’ve taken that as my new mantra. I’m beginning to realise the amount of damage I caused my skin by not having a good enough skin care routine, I used to think taking off my makeup with a wet wipe was alright.

Ever since I turned 20, I began saving my pennies and Boots points to fork out on face oils, creams, serums, eye creams, balms, face masks, peels, etc. and I could not recommend it enough.

Always be kind.

This one doesn’t really need an explanation, it’s just that like is hard enough so make it easier by showing kindness not only to your loved ones, but also everyone you meet.

Talk about sex.

Whether it’s with your bestie or boyfriend, don’t be scared of subjects relating to sex. Talk it out, laugh about it, fix your problems, etc. It’s no longer taboo.¬†

Going to bed early on a Friday Night doesn’t make you a Grandma.

The amount of times I have received stick for staying in my warm home, with the candles lit everywhere, chilling in my lounge wear after a very warm bath and a face mask. But I am over it. I am a proud home-body and there isn’t a single thing you can do about it.

I think as you grow older, you become accustomed to things that you once couldn’t have (nightclubs, house parties, etc) AND THEN the novelty wears off so why feel embarrassed for something that makes you happy. Which brings me onto my next point.

Stop apologising, making excuses or explaining your decisions.

Something I see quite often in younger people is the need to make an excuse for liking certain things, or having to explain why you got that massive alpaca print shirt that you’ve worn once. OWN that stuff. It doesn’t really matter what other people will have to say because you’re not them. You’re completely different humans.

Also currently learning: not saying sorry. A LOT.

Family over everything.

This is essentially THE most important point in my life, I would be nothing without all the powerful women and supportive men in my family. Yes, we might disagree on political, social and environmental topics, but our bond always saves me at the end of the day. I think it is easy to leave behind family in your twenties as you are still growing and opportunities arise out of everywhere – people move away, they move on, etc. but it is super important to stay in touch.

Clothes Sizing is THE biggest conspiracy.

As a petite, curvy and sometimes chubby Latina, I have had more than a few sizing problems. H&M makes you go three sizes up because everything is tailored for skinny, tall people. Topshop petite sizing is awkward. And don’t even get me started on Primark clothing.

But I noticed this year that I spent most of my life worried about my clothes size, ripping off labels so people wouldn’t know I was a size 14 in trousers. Then it hit me, no one else sees my labels unless they steal my clothing so what am I honestly worried about. If a size 18 fits perfect, it fits. If a size 8 fits, fantastic. Just work off measurements rather than sizing.

Success is defined by you.

I know people who compare their success to another individual’s, they spend a long time undermining their own feats because they are measuring their success against a completely different human. That’s not ok. Not all of us choose the same path. Some view success as marriage, kids, buying a home, getting a degree, dream job, blogging, pets, etc. And you should never be made to feel bad for the choices you make.

Happiness and Positivity.

This one is easy. Do things that make you happy whilst looking at life with optimism. Enjoy the little things in life.

Share your knowledge with me and tell me things you’ve learnt!

See you soon, Angelyque x


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