The Shy Girl’s Guide To Leopard Print This Season

The Shy Girl’s Guide To Leopard Print This Season


You’ve read about it on Vogue, your favourite bloggers are wearing it, high street shops are ob-se-ssed, and yes we’re talking Leopard Prints. From Tom Ford, to Victoria Beckham and Carolina Herrera gracing NFW catwalks with the popular animal print.


It all began with the release of the cool-girl wardrobe staple skirt from Australian luxury brand Réalisation Par, hailed “the most viral clothing piece of the year”. Since then, we’ve seen fashion-forward people in a frenzy trying to track down the next ‘it’ item.


But hey, not everyone is willing to parade in a maxi leopard dress for fear of feeling ‘extra’ – I’m what you would call a Shy Girl when it comes to fashion. I’m well-versed in my colour palette, consisting mainly of neutral hues and a few splashes of red or pink – but I tend to stick to what I know (y’know). But these pieces are what I call exceptions.


I’ve handpicked 9 items from a myriad of shopping websites that I think are subtle enough to wear to Sunday Lunch with your parents, but also cool enough to take out for Cocktail hour with the girls.


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