Ways To Treat Yourself In The Comfort Of Home

Ways To Treat Yourself In The Comfort Of Home

At the end of last year, I made a vow to treat my body and mind like a shrine. And so far, so good. I took a little relaxing retreat to a wonderful country inn and spa last week – which I was in dire need of (working full time and studying part time is killing me slowly lmao). While I was there, I almost couldn’t help feel dispirited because I knew that I would be saying goodbye to it too soon. So hey, I decided to come up with ways that we can all treat ourselves right there in the comfort of our own homes.

1  Treat yoself to a gift set.

Splurging money on one product can be hard, but here’s where the beauty of gift sets come in – you get to experience little bits of luxury all at once. My personal favourites are from L’occitane – they have the most amazing gift sets ranging from £15. My boyfriend got me the Verbena Home Diffuser set this Christmas and I recommend. HIGHLY. Made my room smell like a lil piece of heaven.

2 Bath O’clock.

This is the most used method for relaxation at home – light a few candles, pop open the bubble bath and relax. Throw in a Lush Bathbomb for optimal relaxation vibes.

3 ♡ Pinterestion.

I mixed inspiration with pinterest, get it? *wink wink*. So this one may be more for the people who LOVE organisation, but spending time on Pinterest has been scientifically proven to reduce stress; this is due to the different types of images and advice that we can take away from a quick 10 minute pinning sesh. By the way, if you don’t follow me on Pinterest you are missing out!!

4 ♡ Did someone say face mask?

Us girls love to have a little pamper every now and again, face masks appear to be our go-to at home treatment. Whether you’ve bought it from your local boots or making it at home from scratch, a face mask is still a face mask. I tend to pick out the ones with clay, tea tree or charcoal as they seem to work best with my skin type.

5 ♡ Who said cooking for one had to be boring?

There’s no better way to treat yourself than to a gorg meal. Take the time to cut all your ingredients and enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen. After all, there’s nobody more important than yourself and your body so it pays well to eat well. (plus there are millions of comfort food recipes!)

6 ♡ Scrub all the worries away.

The best things in life are natural, so try making a body/face/lip scrub with the ingredients you have at home! Try using a DIY Orange Scrub or even make a Coffee Scrub.

7 ♡ Vogue it out.

Whatever your obsession is, be it vogue, cosmo or the independent, just grab it and read your worries away. It can also be a good book or just scrolling through the news on your phone. Reading takes a lot of stress away as we are transported to a different land with every sentence.

As I bring this post to an end, I’m sat here with my hydrating facemask, a tub of chewy flapjacks with a cuppa and friends playing in the background – my ideal evening in. I guess I’m just giving you a little reminder that life isn’t perfect but we can all do little things to be happier. (i.e. eat the whole tub of flapjacks).

Thanks for reading babes, and if you have any more ideas to include to this post then leave them below in the comments so we can all be happy and relaxed.


This post has been sponsored by L'occitane.


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